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  • Do the bedroom doors lock with a key
    Yes All the rooms are secure; a key is given to you upon your arrival
  • Is there a barbecue (BBQ)?
    Yes, a BBQ is installed near the pool. An additional propane tank is provided if the current one is empty.
  • Are towels provided
    For weekend groups: No, you need to bring your own shower and beach towels. For weekday room rentals: Yes, towels, washcloths, hand towels, and shower mats are provided
  • Can we set up tents
    Yes There is a fee of $30 per tent for two nights. Please note that there are no restroom facilities. Guests have access to a public toilet. For showers, you will need to share those available in the rooms."
  • Are fireworks allowed
    No, The Pavillon des Mésanges is located on Route 112 and in the middle of the forest. There is not enough open and safe space to set off fireworks.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Yes, with an agreement with the owner. Dogs are welcome in rooms 12, 18-20, and 22. An agreement with the owner is absolutely necessary. An additional fee of $25, plus taxes, per dog is required. Dogs must be under supervision at all times and should not be left alone in a room without a crate. Additional cleaning fees may be charged."
  • I have friends who want to come spend the day at the Pavillon des Mésanges, but they will not be staying overnight. Is it possible?"
    Yes, A fee of $20, plus taxes, per additional person is required to enjoy the facilities."
  • Do I have to pay the rental agreement at the time of booking
    An initial deposit of $1000 is required at the time of booking. The final payment can be made through multiple transfers or upon your arrival.
  • Is the pool heated?
    Yes From the beginning of june till the end of september
  • What should I bring for my stay?
    The Pavillon des Mésanges does not provide towels for groups during the weekend. The reason is simple: we have spas and a pool, and white towels don't stay white, requiring a lot of washing and replacement. Please bring indoor shoes or slippers. The floors are like those in a home, and we don't want to damage them.
  • Can we organize an outdoor party?
    Yes, As everywhere in Quebec, after 11 PM, you should be more discreet outside to avoid disturbing the neighbors. After that, you can continue your party indoors; there is air conditioning!
  • Is the water drinkable?
    Yes! The water is very good to drink
  • Are the prices inclusive of taxes?
    No, You must add the tourist accommodation tax (Amount of accommodation per night - included services) x Number of nights x (3.5/100) = Amount of accommodation tax Formula for calculating GST/QST on accommodation This formula applies when the portion concerned is registered for GST/QST, or when the specific situation requires the collection of taxes (see the details of the calculation and collection of the accommodation tax from Revenu Québec)( These taxes must be applied to the total amount of accommodation, including additional services and the accommodation tax. (Amount of accommodation per night + additional services) x Number of nights + Amount of accommodation tax = Amount with accommodation tax Amount with accommodation tax (GST/100) = Amount of GST Amount with accommodation tax (QST/100) = Amount of QST
  • Are the spas accessible year round?
    Yes, the 2 spas are accessible and heated year round
  • Can I bring my own wood to make a fire?
    No, A wheelbarrow of wood is included in the sale price for your stay. $25 for an additional wheelbarrow The main reason is to limit the spread of the emerald ash borer that is devouring our trees. It is one disease among others, but indeed the main one. The government has implemented laws to limit the spread and save our trees. At the Pavilion of the Chickadees, we have a beautiful population of diverse trees, and we want to preserve it.
  • Can I pay by credit card?
    No We do not accept credit cards. You can pay by bank transfer, by check, or in cash when you arrive.
  • Arrival and departure time
    For weekend groups, we suggest arriving on Friday around 4 pm and departing on Sunday around 1 pm. The lodge must be vacated as the cleaning staff arrives at 1 pm. It is possible to arrive earlier on Friday, at 1 pm, for an additional fee of $150 plus taxes. We need to hire a third person for housekeeping to be ready to welcome you earlier. It is also possible to depart around 4 pm on Sunday, and a fee of $150 is also required for the same reasons. During the week, check-in can be done from 2 pm onwards, and the maximum check-out time is 11 am.
  • Are there employees during the weekend?
    No, Your group is alone and self-sufficient. However, the owner resides on-site on the second floor, and you may see her outside. She ensures to preserve your privacy as much as possible. The owner performs two check-ups per day: Between 6 am and 7:30 am in the morning to maintain the pool and spas. Around 11 pm in the evening to ensure that spa covers are closed, windows in the main hall are closed if the air conditioning is in operation, etc. This check-up is especially important during large events.
  • Do all the rooms have bathrooms?
    Yes, All the rooms have bathrooms with showers. Rooms 7, 9, and 22 also have a bathtub. Room 10 has a large shower for people with reduced mobility. Rooms 18-20 and 19-21 are double and have a bathroom only.
  • Do children count as individuals when we rent for weekend groups?
    There are 57 sleeping spots available, whether for adults or children. Rooms 9 and 11 are large enough to set up a baby playpen, and they are not counted in the number of people who can sleep on-site.
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    We do not accept credit cards. You can pay by bank transfer, by check, or in cash when you arrive.
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